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Nutra Organics

NUTRA ORGANICS Acai Berry Blend 200g

Acai Berry Blend is great to add to smoothies and breakfast bowls, use it in the kitchen to add to sweet treats like a raw cacao slice or eat it straight off the spoon.

Acai Berry Blend is an ‘exclusive’ superfood formula put together by Nutra Organics combining the most nutrient packed and antioxidant loaded berries, with mango and beetroot, to bring you a delicious and potent nutritional burst which can easily be added to your daily routine.


Acai berries are the fruit found high on top of Acai palm trees (Euterpe oleracea) in the Amazon rainforest of South America. This superfood has extraordinary antioxidant concentration, omega 3 & 6, essential fatty acids, amino acids, anthocyanins and more!

The Acai berries used in this product have been harvested by local families, which also means rural community and grower co-operative are empowered through fair trade pricing.

Did you know Our Acai Berry Blend 200g is equivalent to over 1.4kg of fresh berries alone.

Better for you and more cost effective!

Nutra Organics share with you an honest and heartfelt desire to help and encourage others to live life to the fullest, naturally. Nutra Organics mission is to, help people live healthy, energetic and fulfilling lives


‘- Mix 1-2 heaped teaspoons in a smoothie.
– Sprinkle over yoghurt, fruit, breakfast bircher and porridge.
– Make your own Acai Bowl by whizzing 2 tablespoons with 2 frozen bananas to serve 2 people
– Pour in to a bowl and top with your favourite seeds, nuts or granola.
– Add to bliss balls, mix with coconut oil or avocado to make a beautiful skin and face mask.


Mango, Acai Berry*, Blueberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Beetroot, Goji Berry, Blackberry.

*Certified Organic