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Cedrus Organic Valeo-Propolis 30ml

PLEASE NOTE: These goods are short-dated, hence the reduced price - Expiry date: 6-6-2022

Cedrus Valeo-Propolis is the first and only bee propolis that contains the biologically active compounds in their natural state, so that the consumer can fully benefits from their health promoting qualities

Valeo-Propolis is an organically certified product and is suitable for both adults and children. It has a sweet, pleasant taste, which will be appreciated particularly by children.

  • contains a wide range of biologically active bioflavonoids
  • uniquely processed to protect their goodness and vitality
  • contains no alcohol or alcohol related substances - pleasant taste
  • is suitable for both adults and children
  • has received an independent quality assessment of the highest degree

Benefits of Valeo Propolis

  • Wound Care
  • Contains Antioxidant
  • Oral Hygiene
  • Helpful for digestive system
  • Aids the respiratory system in winter

♦ Ingredients:

- Organic Propolis 20% (Equivalent to PFL30)

- New Zealand Honey

- Bee Pollen

- Spring Water

♦ Dosage:

Valeo-Propolis is available in convenient dropper bottles (30 ml). It is recommended to consume 8 – 10 drops every morning. If the immune system is on alert (fighting against a virus) and there is an increased need to benefit from the anti-viral properties of Valeo-Propolis, it is recommended to increase the intake to 4 times, 8 – 10 drops per day.

 Precautions and contra-indications: 

People who have allergic reactions to propolis should seek medical advice before using product.

Disclaimer: The information provided by Wholefoods Market is not intended as medical advice. Always consult your doctor or qualified health care professional with questions regarding a medical condition or if symptoms persist. Always read the label carefully and use only as directed.