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Schuessler Tissue Salts

Dr Schuessler Combination 5 Tissue Salt Spray 30ml

Scheussler Tissue Salts Combination 5 - Nerve Tonicis a combination of 5 phosphates, Calc Phos, Ferr Phos, Kali Phos, Mag Phos & Nat Phos. For relief from symptoms associated with:

  • Anxiety
  • Neuralgic pain
  • General debility

Martin & Pleasance have been manufacturing Schuessler Tissue Salts for over 130 years and still carefully follow the original process of hand-grinding the minerals.

Contains Equal Amounts Of:

Calc Phos 6x
Ferr Phos 6x
Kali Phos 6x
Mag Phos 6x
Nat Phos 6x
Spray form is lactose free but contains ethanol.



For sudden onset take every half hour until symptoms improve (for max. 2 days). Spray directly into mouth. 
Adults: 4 sprays
Children 1-11 years: 2 sprays 
Infants 0-11 months: 1 spray