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Dusty Girl Cosmetics

Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation Powder - Fair 10g SPF 15

Our Mineral Foundation Powders are lightweight and filler free, which means you can get a natural coverage without the chemicals. Many foundation powders on the market contain ingredients such as silicone, talc, bismuth and UV filters, just to name a few. These ingredients can often cause congestion and irritation to those with sensitive or troubled skin and don’t comply with the Dusty Girls philosophy. Our range of Mineral Foundation is designed for all skin types, but particularly beneficial to those with irritable skin, along with individuals looking for a healthy and natural alternative. For this reason we use a combination of micas along with zinc oxide, so that you are able to achieve a beautiful and even coverage while protecting your skin from sun damage and pigmentation.

With a selection of seven easy-to-blend shades, there is a colour suitable for all skin tones. Each shade of fair, medium and dark are available in neutral tones. The Fair and Medium shades are also available with gold and pink undertones for those looking to counteract any unwanted red or yellow tones in the skin.


Apply in feathery, circular motions to the entire face, using a kabuki brush. To build on the coverage, gradually apply in thin layers.


Fair Mineral:

Mica (Mineral Pigment), Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide (Food Grade), Iron Oxides, Ultramarines.