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Eco Hot Water Bottle 2L with cover

An Eco Hot Water bottle that is an environmentally friendly alternative for our ecologically conscious consumers.

Hugo Frosh has succeeded in creating an innovative and forward looking hot water bottle with a completely new material composition that is free of both PVC and softening agents (phthalates). This eco hot water bottles has been manufactured on a sustainable and resource-saving basis, which maintains its shape when cold and only becomes softer once filled with hot water. The hot water bottle is protected by patent and has a safety stopper.

Extravagant: the velvety soft covers made of breathable, especially skin climate-friendly softshell material are available in assorted fashionably attractive covers. The covers obtain a sporty note through the zippers of contrasting colour that are worked in diagonally and are certain to have all eyes on them.

Why this Eco Hot Water Bottle:

  • Made from 90% renewable resources (made of plant-based raw material)
  • Do not contain any phthalates 
  • Do not contain any PVC
  • Size is 2 litres
  • Lasts for several years
  • Made in Germany

Durability: Like all materials, his hot water bottle is subject to natural wear and tear. Depending on the environmental conditions and regularity of use it can last for several years. Check the bottle and the stopper on a regular basis for signs of wear and damage. 

Description on how to use this product and how to clean is included with every purchase.