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Ecology Konjac Face Sponge White

Product Description

The Konjac potato (or Konnyaku potato) is a herbaceous perennial plant, native to Asia that grows wild at high altitudes.  It is a crop that is easy to grow and highly sustainable.

The Konjac plant has a long history of use throughout Japan, China and Korea, as a food source, a medicine, weight-loss aid and beauty product.

The Ecology Konjac Facial Sponges are made by hand from Konjac Potato100% edible Konjac potato fibre and are free from chemicals, colours, additives and preservatives.

Originally created for babies, these facial sponges are super soft and ideal for delicate or sensitive skin.
They will gently cleanse the face, removing dirt, excess oils, flaky skin and blackheads, without the need to use an additional cleanser.

The Ecology Konjac Sponge will also gently massage skin, stimulating blood circulation, promoting cell regeneration and encouraging the return of naturally glowing, radiant skin.