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ETHIQUE Face Cream The Perfector 65g

bullet-lead-icon.jpg Hydrating solid face moisturiser
bullet-lead-icon.jpg Suitable for dry & mature skins
bullet-lead-icon.jpg Use as a night or day cream

The Perfector is our first solid face cream and it's dreamy. Described as the 'Lewis Rd Chocolate Milk' of moisturisers by our testers, The Perfector packs a hydrating punch for dry and mature skins.

Made with kokum and cupuacu butters (both renowned for their essential fatty acid contents and barrier protection), coconut oil and a blend of ingredients which help blur out any skin imperfections.

Can be used in the evening as a night cream, or in the morning before makeup. If the latter, leave about ten minutes between application of moisturiser and application of makeup. The Perfector is sold as three oval shaped bars perfect for easy application. They come in a reusable box for easy storage in the bathroom. Keep bar dry.

"I love this product. It is so dreamy and delicious! I have found that one bar lasts me around 1 month using it twice a day. Leaves my skin soft and hydrated with a nice sheen without clogging my pores or causing a breakout. What a beautiful product!"- Rachel

The Perfector works well with our Bliss Bar Face Cleanser.

Weight: 70g