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Good Health

Good Health Goat Milk Chews 100pk

Good Health Goat Milk Chews are delicious vanilla flavoured chewable tablets that are rich in nutrients for growing children and overall health and wellbeing. Made from pure New Zealand goat’s milk they are easily digested and ideal for those allergic to cow’s milk protein. Goat’s milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk because of their smaller fat particle size and different protein structure.

Key Features

  • Contains only pure New Zealand sourced Goat Milk
  • Easily digested and genuine bovine free (not mixed with cow’s milk protein)
  • Rich in nutrients for everyday health and wellbeing
  • Natural vanilla flavoured chewable tablets


Key Benefits

  • Trusted sources, free from synthetic hormones and antibiotics
  • Ideals for those that have difficulty digesting cow’s milk or have a cow’s milk allergy
  • Ideals for growing children and adults who need more nutrients such as the elderly
  • Delicious and easy to take for children and adults

Key Ingredients

New Zealand Goat Milk Powder


Children 3 to 5 years: Crush and add tablets to food or chew up to 5 tablets daily. 
Children 5+: Chew up to 5 tablets twice daily. 
Adults: Chew 15-20 tablets daily. 
Note: Always supervise your child when chewing tablets due to choking hazard. Take with food or as professionally advised.

Cautions & contraindications

None known


  • For growing children 
  • Those who need more nutrients / calories, such as the elderly 
  • Any one allergic or sensitive to cow’s milk proteins 
  • Those who have difficulty digesting cow’s milk