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Go Healthy

GO Healthy Meno-Free 30 vegecaps

Go Healthy GO MENO-FREE contains a comprehensive blend of ingredients that effectively support menopause and temperature balance in a convenient 1-A-Day dose.

This complete combination helps with balancing moods, temperature, restlessness, irritability and disturbed sleep patterns. Sage, Shatavari and Zizyphus are included to specifically help with temperature balance. Suitable to take with depression medication. This is a Soy Free formulation.

  • 1-A-Day complete formula
  • Menopause and hot flush support
  • Soy Free formula
  • VegeCap Advantage


Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily


Not to be taken during pregnancy or lactation or by those with hormone sensitive cancers.

Do not take if using blood thinning medication.

If taking prescription medications or if in doubt consult your healthcare professional.

Each Vegecap Provides:

Motherwort (250mg)
Rehmannia (1,200mg)
Red Clover (1,000mg)
Sage (3,200mg)
Shatavari (1,200mg)
Withania (2,200mg)
Ziziphus (3,200mg)
Black Cohosh (1,000mg)
Dong Quai (1,200mg)
Kudzu (250mg)