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GO Healthy Vita-C 500mg B/Currant 50 Chew

GO VITA-C 500mg is a great tasting chewable Vitamin C formula. Available in Blackcurrant and Orange, these tablets are a low acid formula which gives it the added benefit of being teeth friendly. Vitamin C is essential for boosting the health of the immune system and reducing the severity and duration of winter ills and chills. In addition, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and is considered an essential daily requirement for general health. Vitamin C supports the body’s ability to deal with toxins and pollutants.

  • Low Acid Vitamin C formula
  • Great tasting chewable tablet
  • Orange and Blackcurrant flavour
  • Flavoured with New Zealand Blackcurrant


Adults: Take 1-2 Chewable Tablets daily (maintenance)

Adults: Can be increased to 1-2 Chewable Tablets 2 times daily (acute)

Children (Age 5+): Take 1 Chewable Tablets daily (maintenance)

Children (Age 5+): Can be increased to 1 Chewable Tablet 2 times daily (acute)

Can be taken anytime, with food or on an empty stomach. Or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.


  • If symptoms persist consult your Healthcare Professional.
  • Those with kidney failure or a history of kidney stones should take Vitamin C only under medical supervision.
  • Take only as directed.
  • If taking prescription medication or if in doubt, please consult your Healthcare Professional.

Ingredients per ChewTab - Blackcurrant:

Sodium Ascorbate - 376mg

Equiv. to Vitamin C - 300mg

Ascorbic Acid - 206mg

Equiv. to Vitamin C - 200mg

Total Vitamin C: 500mg

Contains: Glucose, Sucrose, NZ Blackcurrant Flavour, Natural Colour (sweet red potato powder)