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Kiwi Herb

KIWI HERB Echiberry 50ml

Anti-oxidant Immune Support for healthy aging i.e. supports cardiovascular health and eye health. Immune fortification, particularly during times of acute stress, travel ,exams etc.

Fortifies immunity and has direct antiviral activity. Elderberry is shown in clinical trials to reduce incidence of respiratory infections following air travel. NZ blackcurrant is a powerful source of anti-oxidant compound. Enhanced with manuka honey. Guaranteed high potency (tongue tingling effect) made from practitioner strength  liquid extract with guaranteed levels of Alkylamides.

Echinacea - immune enhancing & balancing, supports immune defenses, enhancing activity when infection threatens & also prevents overactive immune activity which can lead to allergies & tissue damage.

Olive leaf & Elderberry - inhibit viral replication

Blackcurrant, Elderberry, Olive leaf, Raspberry & Boysenberry - support general health and wellbeing and healthy aging.

Echinacea purpurea root 170mg/ml,   Olive leaf 80mg/ml, NZ Blackcurrant fresh fruit equivalent 2800mg/ml, Elderberry fresh fruit equivalent 900mg/ml, Manuka honey 385mg/ml with Boysenberry & Raspberry juice concentrates.

Contains NO artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. contains Alcohol