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Kiwi Herb

KIWI HERB Herbal Insect Repel. 50ml

Protects against biting insects. suitable for all ages, even infants. Natural & Non-Toxic

Unique 100% natural formula. Pleasant fresh Lemon fragrance. DEET FREE. (Deet is a common ingredient in many insect repellents and a known irritant to eyes & skin) Each active ingredient proven effective in trials to repel biting insects at least as effectively as other commercial insect repellents.

Insect Repellent - repels a wide variety of biting insects including mosquitoes, fleas & biting bugs.

Active ingredients - Lemongrass essential oil, Fennel essential oil, Vitex Agnus Castus extract.

No Paraben's, petrochemicals, artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives. Contains alcohol.