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Kiwi Herb

KIWI HERB Kid's Calm 50ml

Soothes Nervous & Digestive Upsets. Assists with over excitement or irritability, colic and wind, sleep problems, teething discomfort and travel sickness.

Specially formulated for children 0-12 years   Organic Herbal Ingredients

Fast acting soother, dual action calm & relaxes both the nervous system & the digestive system. A natural alternative to pharmaceutical sedatives.

Chamomile - relaxant, calms the nervous system easing nervous tension, hyperactivity and mental agitation, aids in sleep.

Chamomile - Carminative & anti-spasmodic, eases spasm, colic and excessive wind in the digestive system.

Chamomile - Anti-inflammatory & healing, soothes and heals inflamed and irritated tissue.

Chamomile (organic) 230mg/ml, naturally flavoured with organic rice syrup & vegetable glycerine, strawberry, blackcurrant & fennel flavour. 

Contains NO artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.