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MOOGOO Rosehip Oil Organic 25ml

Rosa Canina Fruit Oil. 25mls. USDA Organic Certified, Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil in Airless and Lightless Bottles.

We know there is good Rosehip Oil and poor quality Rosehip Oil. Good Rosehip Oil is amazing for the skin and full of Essential Fatty Acids. But some Rosehip Oils don’t seem as nice. They can smell different, have a different colour and not seem to work as well. Some don’t even feel like Rosehip Oil.

We have sourced the supplier of the highest grade Rosehip Oil we could find. Our Rosehip Oil is cold-pressed and certified organic by the USDA, which is one of the most rigorous organic certification schemes in the world. It is beautifully coloured with that rich rosehip smell and it feels amazing on the skin.

One of the problems of pure Rosehip Oil is that it can oxidise (combine with oxygen) and loses its effectiveness quickly. Anti-oxidants won't do a thing if they have already oxidised in the bottle. For this reason, we have bottled our Organic Rosehip Oil in airless and lightless bottles.

We love Rosehip Oil because it is full of the right fatty acids and anti-oxidants. But there does seem to be some exaggeration in its marketing and some high prices charged. It is not a miracle oil, just a very good one. There are a number of very good suppliers of Rosehip Oil around.

Full of fatty acids and antioxidants, Rosehip Oil is good for helping improve the appearance of skin and fine lines. It’s also good for most skin types including those with sensitive skin.

Directions: Apply to entire face in the evening then follow with your favourite night time moisturiser.


Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil (it’s the good stuff!).