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Natava Hello Raw Superfood Bites 100g

Hello Raw Bites, are raw, sprouted and certified organic. We sprout and activate our products to maximise the health benefits and to ensure they are easily digestible.

We keep our products raw by gently dehydrating them below 47 degrees Celsius, so they retain their RAW goodness.

Our bites are the perfect "grab 'n go" snack that will leave you feeling great.

Superfood Bites 100g

INGREDIENTS: Raw Organic Sprouted Buckwheat, Raw Organic Dates, Raw Organic Activated Pumpkin Seeds, Raw Organic Chia Seeds (10.6%), Raw Organic Cacao Nibs (7.5%), Raw Organic Goji Berries (3.7%), Raw Organic Cacao Powder (2.9%), Raw Organic Mesquite Powder (1.5%), Raw Organic Maca Powder (1.5%), Vanilla Powder.