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Natava SuperFoods Lucuma Powder is sourced organically from Peru where the exotic fruit is grown, and was known as "The Gold of the Incas".

In Peru it has been used for centuries and is honoured both culinary and spiritually in a culture which is renowned for good food and exquisite cuisine

Benefits of Lucuma Powder:

  • Lucuma Powder is rich in beta-carotene which is great for boosting immunity.
  • It is rich in antioxidants when help to boost vitality (Cacao powder is another great source of anti-oxidants).
  • Lucuma may help to reduce the symptoms of fatigue as it contains iron which is required for energy.
  • It also contains the minerals calcium and phosphorus which both support bone health.
  • Finally it also is an excellent source of fibre so can help people with digestive issues.

How to Use Lucuma Powder:

Lucuma has a divine smell similar to that of maple syrup, and is a versatile addition to many of your favourite foods such as ice-creams, yogurts, pies, cakes, cookies, smoothies, chocolate bars and a whole array of different desserts.