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Naturo Pharm

Naturo Pharm Child Earmed Alcohol Free Spray 25ml

Naturo Pharm Baby Earmed Relief Alcohol Free Spray 25ml
Earmed Relief supports ear health and assists with middle ear function, balance, discomfort and noise disturbances such as vertigo and tinnitus.. It is available in an easy-to-use oral spray form.
Earmed Relief is suitable for use by adults and children and babies.
Beneficial for:
  • supporting ear health
  • assists with middle ear function and helps relieve balance (vertigo), discomfort and noise disturbance (tinnitus)


Active Ingredients:
homoeopathic potencies of
Mercurius Sol,
Petroleum and
all in a 30c potency.
Alcohol Free

Use 1 or 2 sprays per dose orally at 15 minute intervals for up to 6 doses then 3 times a day as required.

  • Homeopathic remedies aim to stimulate your body to respond to symptoms being experienced.  Unlike many healthcare products, homeopathic remedies should STOP BEING TAKEN when symptoms start to improve.
  • If symptoms persist or worsen, stop taking the remedy immediately and consult your healthcare professional.
  • The oral spray is to be used in the mouth. Do NOT spray into the ear. If there is a discharge from the ear seek medical advice immediately.