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New Zealand Lavender

NZLAVENDER Pur Lavender Essential Oil 5ml

NZLavender Pure Lavender Essential Oil a 100% natural Lavender oil grown and distilled in Canterbury, New Zealand. Hypoallergenic - ideal for babies, the elderly and people with sensitive skin.
Not all essential oils are created equal and with little or no regulation governing quality control standards, you need to be sure you are buying a quality product. As a lavender oil exporter, NZLavender prides itself on producing high quality, hypoallergenic oil in commercial volumes.
In recent years linalool and more importantly the peroxides produced after its oxidisation, have been found to cause contact allergy and sensitisation. Linalool is now included in the EU Allergen List. NZLavender selected its unique New Zealand cultivar because of its characteristically low linalool levels. In addition, with careful distillation and controlled storage of our oil any oxidisation of linalool has also been kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Characteristically high linalyl acetate, octanone and total esters
  • Characteristically low linalool, cineole and camphor
  • Low allergen and irritant composition
  • Pharmaceutical quality