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Plantae Bergamot Orange Cleansing Milk 100g

A gentle cleanser that revitalises skin by encouraging cellular turnover. Bergamot Orange is wonderful for those who struggle with sensitised skin as it is a thorough cleanser with super soothing properties. Safflower Oil is ideal for improving the quality and texture of the skin, due to its abundance of linoleic acid. Linoleic acid combines with the skin’s oils to unclog pores and reduce redness, rashes, and acne. Bergamot Orange Cleansing Milk also facilitates the regeneration of new skin cells, whilst brightening and evening the skin’s overall complexion. This cleansing milk is also an effective and safe, natural make-up remover and is a terrific first step for those who love to double-cleanse in the evenings, followed by our Ivy Cleansing Gel. This kind, purifying cleanser contains Ivy Botanical Complex with extracts of Lemon and Burdock Root to regulate sebum and prevent acne while maintaining pH to protect the delicate acid mantle of the skin. One of the key active ingredients in this gel is Totoral™, a unique extract only available from New Zealand’s Totara tree. This product works wonders for reducing redness, inflammation, and blemishes.

Key ingredients

Bergamont, Safflower, Lemon Balm, Shea Balm.