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Plantae Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream 50g

Replenishing Rose Hips, Sea Buckthorn Berries, and Evening Primrose Oil nurture and restore, while skin-saving Auvergne Pink Bark stimulates cellular turnover and encourages tissue repair. Plantae offers only a single night cream in their range because the effectiveness of the bioactive contained in the Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream put this product in a league of its own.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream is suitable for all skin types and concerns but is particularly suited to those looking for a thoroughly nourishing and skin-satisfying night time solution. It maximizes the skin’s radiance potential, reducing the signs of damage and aging, and making skin look and feel its best. Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream has been scientifically shown to boost fibroblast production by 272%, which promotes the production of collagen and elastin, aiding in the skin’s natural repair process.

Key ingredients

Rose Hip, Sea Buckthorn, Evening Primrose, Borage, Pine, Blackcurrant and Rose.