6 Pack Maca Minis – Black Maca is a rarest form of maca that constitutes only 10% of the entire harvest. In Peru black maca is consumed solely as a medicinal treatment for specific conditions. Our concentrated, atomised maca is 10x more potent than raw maca, has a softer flavour, is more bio-available, easier to consume and is packed with macamides. It is ideal for those who want the medicinal benefits of maca in a concentrated and potent formula. It can be consumed hot or cold, as a tea or additive to smoothies, cereals, juices or straight in water. Taken daily our atomised black maca is specifically formulated to treat:


    • Fatigue
    • Mental health and depression
    • Poor concentration and focus
    • Anxiety and stress
    • Male fertility
    • Sexual dysfunction and libido
    • Stamina and endurance
    • Athletic performance
    • Migraine and pain