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Zuii Cosmetis

Zuii Luminiser Creme 80ml

Complete your organic glow and enhance your natural tan with our Certified Organic Flora Luminising Crème. Achieve a velvety luminous effect and watch your skin flourish!

Our Luminising Crème is the true embodiment of an oh so dreamy product as it blends nicely into your skin, revealing a beautiful dewy finish. This product is perfect to be applied on top of your tan to give it a boost of radiance or will completely transform your natural skin adding a subtle luminescent glow and tint of bronze. It feels super lovely on the skin, eliminating any greasy or oily feeling through the help of our organic ingredients. The benefits of Bamboo Juice, Green Tea and Chamomile Extract are endless. This power plant blend will work to feed your skin with intense nourishment and leave you with a refreshing scent. If you want a simple way to add luminosity to your skin, switch out your tinted moisturiser to our Luminising Crème and see your skin shine and improve overtime!