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Zuii Cosmetis

Zuii Self Tan Foam Ultra Dark 200ml

A self-tanning foam that has absolutely no nasties and is completely handcrafted from nature’s luxurious ingredients? Zuii will deliver exactly that with our Certified Organic Flora Self-Tan Foam!

The long search for a truly all-natural self-tanning foam stops right here with Zuii! Our product delivers an amazing, instant sunless tan that is entirely infused with safe and healthy ingredients. Our one of a kind botanical and floral blend is infused with Bamboo Juice, Raw Cacao and Grape Skin Extract to provide stunning real results when it comes to colour and performance. Our self-tan foam is available in 4 shades to suit your skin tone ranging from a golden tan to a deep bronze while also providing your skin with the nourishment of pure minerals and vitamins. This is a super light-weight formula which makes your tanning experience so smooth and effortless. With every coat of application, you are actually providing your skin with clean quality ingredients that benefit your body and leave you with your desired golden glow for 7-10 days. To enjoy a deliciously-smelling tan without any chemicals, do your skin a favor by making the change to organic today!